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Resizing Aircraft Plans

Calculating the Scale Factor

To calculate a scale factor for the size you want to enlarge or reduce your plans too, just invert the scale of the plans you have - divided by the inverted scale of the plans you wish to build from.  For example if your plans are 1/5 scale and you desire to go to 1/3, simply divide 5 by 3.  This result gives you a scale factor of 1.67 for 1/3 scale or 1.25 for quarter scale.

Since the maximum paper size of the large copy machines Iíve seen at Kinkoís is 36", divide this by your scale factor to get the maximum size of your current plan to be enlarged.  So we divide 36 by 1.67 we get 21.6 for 1/3 scale and 28.8 for ľ scale.  If we cut the original 1/5 scale plans into strips not over 21.5", they can be joined end to end and copied.

This calculator will help you calculate the copier magnification settings for scaling your aircraft model plans larger or smaller.

From To Magnification
Current Measurement on Plans, i.e. Wingspan, Length etc ...

Enter it here:

Enter Your Desired Measurement, i.e. Wingspan, Length etc...

Enter it here:

This is the percentage setting for the copier:

Copier Setting & Scale Factor

% =

How to use the Calculator ...

  • From: a measurement like the "wingspan" of the plan you have - this can be set to inches, meters etc.

  • To: enter the new length that you want the wingspan to be.

  • Magnification: Lets you know the copier setting to use and the scale value your working with.

Dynamically Scaled Values:  

Don't forget to review our information sheet on Dynamically Scaled Values. This contains formulas use by professional aircraft designers and my help you in your redesign efforts.