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Micko Aircraft's founder has over 25 years of scale modeling experience and has participated in several Scale Masters Tournaments.  While his passion is building and flying scale aircraft from the World War II era, he also designs high quality fiberglass kits, fiberglass parts and vacuumed formed parts for aircraft designers like David Andersen and others.

One of the unique features of Micko Aircraft is that they're happy to speak with you about "Custom Parts For Your Specific Scale Projects" or to "Aircraft Model Companies about developing kits/parts for their product lines".

Please Contact MICKO to order any of our current offerings or to see how we can design something that can help you!

P-47 Thread #1

P-47 Thread #2


Grumman F6F Hellcat - Composite

 Contact Micko Aircraft for Pricing/Order


Wingspan  95"
Length  75"
Weight  34 - 43 Lbs
Rec. Power  85cc - 120cc

The Grumman F6F Hellcat was a carrier-based fighter aircraft conceived to replace the F4F Wildcat.  Check-out Micko Aircraft's FULL COMPOSITE VERSION!


The F6F HELLCAT is also available in a Short Kit version with Fiberglass Fuselage and built-up Wing & Stab.  The short kit includes the wing and stab plans as well as presenting all the parts that have to cut balsa and plywood.


This excellent flying composite F6F is a great addition to your WWII hangar!

 (Click Photos to Enlarge)  (Click Photos to Enlarge)


P-47D-5 Razorback - Composite


$1,495.00 Plus S&H

Our P-47 is all Fiberglass with carbon fiber added in high-stress areas. The Fuselage & Wing are pre-primed in the mold. Formers are installed in the fuselage and has access hatches detail within it. To further speedup your scale building process, panel lines and access hatches are molded in from our wing molds. Your wing arrives 80% pre-built; all you need to do is assemble the flying surfaces from the kit parts provided. Contact Micko Aircraft to Order or if you have additional questions.

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Wingspan  80"
Length  70"
Weight  24 - 26 Lbs
Rec. Power  45cc - 65cc

Kit Base Photos


 Aircraft Accessories  (Click Photos to Enlarge)

Andersen Kawasaki Ki-45

2 F/G Cowls  
2 Complete Nacelles  
Tail Cone - ABS  
2 Radiator Scoops  
2 Nacelle Ends  
Set of Exhaust Stacks  

Builders Package Costs:



Andersen Mitsubishi Ki-15

F/G Cowl  $55.00
Wheel Pants  $45.00
Front Canopy Windscreen  $20.00

Please Note that Spinner

Details are highlighted on the Plans


Micko Aircraft & Accessories Exclusive!

Get all of David Andersen's latest designs on your own DVD - Just $19.95 to your door!

Click the DVD link to order your copy. >>>

Each DVD Includes: Individual Scale Plans in PDF Format for Andersen's Designs Kawasaki Ki-45,  Mitsubishi Ki-15 "Babs",  Focke Wulf TA-152H,   Lavochkin La-7,  Grumman Lynz, ARADO 96B & the Howard Pete.

Plus!  You Get Construction Articles  with up to 250 Photos Each, Contest Documentation, Parts Lists, References, Colors & Markings, In-Flight Videos, Walk-Around Photo Collections, Paint Masks and Decal Patterns.


Andersen LA-7

F/G Cowl  $75.00
Canopy w/Frame & Rivets


F/G Static Spinner  $30.00
Static Prop Blades - Set of 3  $65.00

Andersen Ta-152 1/5 Scale

F/G Cowl - Semi-Open Flap  $55.00
F/G Static Prop Blades  $65.00
F/G Static Spinner


Canopy  $40.00
V/F Exhaust Stack - Set of 2  $25.00
V/F Gun Covers - Set of 2  $15.00

Andersen Ta-152 1/6 Scale

F/G Cowl - Open & Closed Flap Versions Avail.  $50.00
F/G Static Spinner  $25.00
F/G Supercharger Intake  $25.00
F/G Drop Tank  $25.00




33% Polikarpov I-16

Fiberglass Cowl, 16.75" diameter. $100.00

25% Skyraiader

Fiberglass Drop Tanks - 45" in Length, Set of 2 $100.00


In The Works!

Parts for Andersen's Designs ... New 1/4 Scale Hawker Hurricane!




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