GR - 7 Formula One Racer

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GR-7 History

Jim Bumford brought this all-composite IFM to Reno in 1988. It was designed by Robbie Grove of San Diego and called a GR-7. It had a high aspect ratio wing for reduced drag on the turns. Its race number was 55 and it was named "Bummers Bullet".

A second GR-7 named "Blue Streak" with number 96 was flown by Jon Sharp and was the 1989 top qualifier at 242.548 mph at Reno. #55 with Jim Bumford did 237.603 mph. #96 was flown by Daniel Gray, an airline pilot from Encino, CA. From 1990 through 1993, #55 was flown by Bill Larson of Edmond, OK.

It was sold to a Greg Riddle and Eric Matheson, on a test flight was destroyed in a fatal crash at the French Valley Airport in Murietta, CA killing 1st Lt. Gregory Riddle. No.# 96 was still racing in 1994 and '95 piloted by Katherine Gray. It had been renamed "Geronimo”.

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